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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Plodding Along

      Though it may not reflect here, I really have been picking up on my leisure reading.  As you can see from the new additions to my sidebar (over there ----->) I've added the books I'm currently reading for pleasure.  I'm loving Pride and Prejudice though it is taking me a long time to get through it because I keep accidentally killing the batteries on my Nook.

      I'm also reading Mindsight.  I'm not usually into "personal transformation" type books.  In my opinion they're usually all full of gimicks, and really any personal transformation gimick can work for someone if they just pick a path and stick with it.  I'm giving this book a chance, though, because it comes highly recommended by a friend who also happens to be a psychologist.  Since I'm a very rational and controlled person, she said she was sure I'd really like this book.  I just started it yesterday, so we'll see.

      I imagine it will take me a long time to get through both of these books.  While I used to put down a book every few days, those days are long behind me thanks to every increasing work and parenting duties.  It's a little sad, but really, I'm ok with it.  I'm going to enjoy my work and my family right now, and read when I get a spare few minutes (which right now is about 10 minutes a day for Pride and Prejudice and 5 minutes a day for Mindsight).

       At bedtime, we're reading Punky The Last Olympian from the Percy Jackson series.  We've loved all the books so far and expect this one to be just as good.  On her own, Punky is devouring book after book.  A lot of them are Goosebumps books, of which I am not a fan, but hey, reading is reading!

      And to put Flintstone to sleep, every night we read It's Time for Bed and It's Time to Sleep My Love.  I love the rhythm of the prose in each one.

      MacGyver just finished Ender's Game and is now picking back up with The Alchemist as well as attacking a large stack of Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Urban Farm and Handyman magazines. 

      I also read Urban Farm, Working Mother, Natural Living, and various law journals when I get a chance.

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